On Sat, December 6, 2008 21:12, joseph seddon wrote:
> May i point out that atm wiki uk ltd is in no way officially affiliated
> with WMF atm, it wouldnt be a professional move to
> make a statement.

As the current (though not much longer!) holder of the licence to use the
trademark in the UK, Wiki Educational Resources Ltd could certainly issue
a press release on the subject (and as a user of Virgin Media at this
location I find I am blocked even though not set up to use their proxies,
thus am being misled by that company regarding their behaviour too).

The issue, prior to making any noise about this, is that whilst censorship
is a bad thing (TM) that may not be how it is received. Are there any
other pages / images being blocked in this way which are less clear-cut as
to liability (iirc WP was accused some years ago of being a p0rn site and
whilst I believe in free speech / content this may not be the image to go

FYI, the new law regarding 'kinky p0rn' and such images doesn't come into
force until January 26th 2009.


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