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> ... I would hope WMUK AGMs will be more than
> just the membership quizing the board and will actually involve the
> membership having a say in how the charity is run (and not just by
> getting to vote for the board).

Which opens another question: what should be on the agenda for the
first AGM? Of course we will have formal business, such as the
resolutions that need passing and the election of the new Board - but
I can't imagine that will take longer than half an hour. Given that
people will have travelled for up to 3 hours to get there, I think we
should have a bit more.

My thoughts are:

a) Hustings where candidates for the Board can make speeches and
answer Q&As?
b) Debate on the priorities of the chapter?
c) Report from the interim Board on the acheivements to date?
d) Presentations from various people on possible events to be held?
- Wikipedia Loves Art at the V&A
- get someone from mySociety to talk about lobbying
- get a techie to talk about squid servers and what we can do to help

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