> a) Hustings where candidates for the Board can make speeches and
> answer Q&As?


> b) Debate on the priorities of the chapter?

I was thinking along similar lines.

> c) Report from the interim Board on the acheivements to date?

I think that may even be a legal requirement (it's certainly a
standard part of an AGM).

> d) Presentations from various people on possible events to be held?
> e.g.
> - Wikipedia Loves Art at the V&A
> - get someone from mySociety to talk about lobbying
> - get a techie to talk about squid servers and what we can do to help
> that

If we can find a speaker or two, that would be great. I'd like it if
it were a short talk followed by questions and discussion - let's try
and get the membership involved as much as possible. It's a meeting,
not a conference, after all (although I do think it should be a
conference in future years).

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