2009/2/16 Virgin, Steve <steve.vir...@dowjones.com>:
> I will introduce you to amec when I stop being stuck in hotels.
> Association of media evaluation companies.
> I may even sound out a couple of clients I am very close to
> I cannot do it after one day in the wikkipedian fold.
> I am in london later this week anyone available?
> Maybe can bring russia on board.

Hello, and welcome to the Wikimedia UK mailing list! Thanks for your
offers of help - they are greatly appreciated. The next scheduled
London meetup is 8th March (see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/London_19 - I won't be
there, but I'm certain you would be more than welcome), but there are
several active and experienced Wikimedians in London that could
probably meet up with you sooner than that. If they don't reply to
this thread soon, I'll prod them for you.

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