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>> Gave me a lot of insight into what's going on, interesting stuff. Good
>> luck with it all. I'll try to keep abreast of UK Chapter work and
>> hope, one day, I'll spot something I can help you all with. I tend to
>> be extremely reclusive and unwell but something may crop up I can do
>> for you folks from the confines of my room. I'll remain firmly as an
>> interested spectator for now til I get more of an idea of what's
>> afoot.
> You can certainly offer opinions on things, that is always useful.

OK, I shall try to do that... but only after a reasonable amount of
reading and observing, just so that I don't fall flat on me bum with
inane things or covering old ground.

One thing, of substance, that did occur to me... do you think you
might ever be able to use someone to transcribe audio files? If you
wanted to record an event or meeting, I could type up a transcription.
That's the kind of thing I can do at home provided I have the audio
file. This isn't an offer to start transcribing your every
interaction. And I guess, unless there's a deaf UK chapter member,
there may not be much use for it, since one could just upload the
audio these days. But it gives you a flavour of the sort of thing I'm
both willing *and* able to do.

If anyone has any other ideas of things that need help and can be
accomplished from home, don't hesitate to ask, I can only say no.

It's just that I noticed from reading your recent IRC meeting that a
lot of what you currently seem to be doing is outreach: to schools, to
the BBC, to galleries and museums. I couldn't quite tell how much of
that you've been accomplishing with direct contact with people (v.
difficult and often impossible for me) or whether you get most of it
done via email (which would be fine).

I sense that I may be coming across as someone with too much time on
his hands. However, since I intend to read every single proposal at:


and remain involved with the whole process as it evolves, that is very
much not the case.

I'm waffling. Summary version: I'm a UK Wikipedian. Just found the
chapter. Might be able to help.

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