2009/8/19 Bod Notbod <bodnot...@gmail.com>:
> One thing, of substance, that did occur to me... do you think you
> might ever be able to use someone to transcribe audio files? If you
> wanted to record an event or meeting, I could type up a transcription.
> That's the kind of thing I can do at home provided I have the audio
> file. This isn't an offer to start transcribing your every
> interaction. And I guess, unless there's a deaf UK chapter member,
> there may not be much use for it, since one could just upload the
> audio these days. But it gives you a flavour of the sort of thing I'm
> both willing *and* able to do.

Most meetings take place online as text to start with, so obviously
there is no need for transcription there, but AGMs are done in real
life. I wouldn't mind having a transcription of our AGMs (at least the
important parts of them). The main advantages of transcriptions over
raw audio files is that they can be skimmed and searched, audio files
can't. I find that very useful.

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