On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 16:31 +0000, Michael Peel wrote:
> Does someone want to start drafting a press release that can be sent  
> out, then?

[CC'd wikinews-l, people there please see WMUK mailing list for prior
discussion - papers behind paywalls is the topic with Mr Murdoch one of
those most desperate to do this.]

Uhm.... Points I'd cover/emphasise.

* Slight element of conflict Wikipedia/Wikinews where people seek to do
  extensive WP coverage of recent events (turning recently-deceased's
  BIO into hagiography).
* [[WN:NPOV]] still applies.
* Require credible sources, or well-documented Original Research.
* WN a project in the shadow of WP for the time being.

* Opportunity for aspiring journos to learn wiki tech.
* Operates as a "wannabe" wire service and has unashamedly copied from 
  BBC News website (eg {{haveyoursay}}).

If a release does go out, I promise to take the "be nice" pills for a
couple of extra weeks. ;-)

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