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> A rough timeline:
> * 12 May 2014 (1.24wmf4 [9]): Phase 1 – Instrumentation and logging
> starts. This
>   will run for 4 weeks (until June 9).
> * 19 May 2014 (1.24wmf5): Phase 2 – "Upgrade and Migrate". This will run
> for 3
>   weeks (upto June 9). The instrumentation continues during this period.
> * 1 June 2014 (1.24wmf7) Finalise upgrade.
> (...)

Q: When will the upgrade happen?
> A: In the next few weeks, once we are happy that the impact is reasonably
> low.
> An update will be sent to wikitech-l just before this is done as a final
> reminder.
> This will be well before the MediaWiki 1.24 branch point for extension
> authors
> looking to maintain compatibility.

I'm not sure this decision makes sense. This would mean that 1.23 shipped
with jQuery 1.8 and 1.24 will ship with jQuery 1.11, without the backwards
compatibility plugin. I don't see how this helps extension authors, and it
will be a nuisance for wiki webmasters who will have to deal with the
breakage of all the not-so-well maintained extensions, without any
transition period where they could identify and fix/replace them, when they
do the 1.23 -> 1.24 upgrade. There should be a major version which includes
the migration plugin.

(This is a separate matter from whn the migration plugin should be removed
from WMF-maintained sites. It adds to the JS overhead, even if just a
little, and it might make sense to put jQuery Migrate behind a config
switch which is enabled by default but disabled on Wikimedia sites after
June 1. But the next tarball should contain the migration plugin and enable
it by default.)
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