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> Q: When will the upgrade happen?
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> > A: In the next few weeks, once we are happy that the impact is reasonably
> > low. An update will be sent to wikitech-l just before this is done as a
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> > reminder.
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> This will be well before the MediaWiki 1.24 branch point for
> > extension authors looking to maintain compatibility.
> I'm not sure this decision makes sense. This would mean that 1.23 shipped
> with jQuery 1.8 and 1.24 will ship with jQuery 1.11, without the backwards
> compatibility plugin. I don't see how this helps extension authors, and it
> will be a nuisance for wiki webmasters who will have to deal with the
> breakage of all the not-so-well maintained extensions, without any
> transition period where they could identify and fix/replace them, when they
> do the 1.23 -> 1.24 upgrade. There should be a major version which includes
> the migration plugin.

Possibly, though I would suggest that it is not loaded by default. Frankly
if an extension's authors have abandoned their extension to the extent that
after several years' clear warning and a six month-long notice period they
still didn't do a relatively trivial set of fixes, then it's reasonable to
make it necessary for sysadmins to make a (small) effort acknowledging that
this code is toxic and should only be used if you're willing to wade into
"here be dragons" territory.

Indeed, ​I created this patch for this purpose, which retains
jQuery.Migrate (with the intent to remove it for MediaWiki 1.25):


> (This is a separate matter from whn the migration plugin should be removed
> from WMF-maintained sites. It adds to the JS overhead, even if just a
> little, and it might make sense to put jQuery Migrate behind a config
> switch which is enabled by default but disabled on Wikimedia sites after
> June 1. But the next tarball should contain the migration plugin and enable
> it by default.)

​I disagree, for the reasons stated above; the inverse makes more sense.

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