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>For example, electricity, gas and water are items that are needed for basic
>survival in the city.  Granted, these services have not always been
>available, but it is expected by all Americans that if they move somewhere,
>they can get those services.  Most people would not survive without these
>services.  Tell me how internet access fits that description.
>Is it not generally expected that Internet access be available in a
>similar manner?  If not today, what about 5-10 years from now

Good try, but not the same thing.  High speed internet access IS
available (very nearly 100% if you count satellite).  I guess the
difference is the "tone" I read in your post (which MAY not have
even been there) that implied you believe that (like the utilities
above) internet access is a basic item that should be available to

Let me offer some other examples:  I live in Malden, MO.  This is a
town of about 5000.  We have a health clinic that closes at 6pm M-F
and is not open on weekends.  If I need medical attention other than
those hours, I have to drive 45 minutes to get to an emergency room.
Granted, there is an ambulance in town, but that is not the same as
a hopital.  When I moved to Malden, I KNEW that there was no 24 hour
medical facility here.  I moved here anyway.

Here is one that is a little less "important", but still of some
import (at least to me).  There is NO store closer than 35 minutes
that is open after 11pm.  I am a night owl, so what happens if I
want a soda at midnight?  Hmmm. (brb... :-).

The point here is that I KNEW, before I moved here, that these
things were true.  I moved here anyway.  If they bother me so much
that I can't live without these SERVICES (<-- important word there),
then it is up to ME to move or deal with the reality.  If I had a
business that required me to be on the internet, I would not move
that business to a location where internet access is not availble.
AND, if my business was suddenly in need of internet access and none
was available, then I would do what is necessary to obtain it.  The
fact is, it may cost me more money to do it.  Even today, I would
bet that you can buy T1 service for HALF what I have to pay here.
These things are just a fact of life.

Butch Evans
BPS Networks  http://www.bpsnetworks.com/
Bernie, MO
Mikrotik Certified Consultant

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