Title: Insurance / Service Plan Offerings

We also retain ownership to the CPE and replace at our cost when not due to customer misuse or abuse (which has happened and I charged for the replacement).


Also, all of my service contracts AUTO-RENEW. Therefore, if I do not receive a cancel request in writing within 30 days of contract fulfillment, it will auto-renew under the same terms and conditions as the original. This has worked to our advantage a few times. It is totally up to you to enforce, negotiate a settlement or just relieve sub from fulfillment. The auto-fulfillment is another reason I don’t mind replacing the CPE when needed.


- Cliff



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We retain ownership of the CPE, so when it goes bad, we replace it free of charge. If they are out of contract, we have them sign a new 12 month contract and they get it for free.


JohnnyO wrote:

We're coming into our 3rd year of operation soon. I am curious how others are doing combat against the replacement / repair / service call costs associated with having to replace CPE end equipment.

I was thinking about offering a service plan like DirecTV / Cellular Companies etc, but not sure how to introduce or impiliment this.

Help and suggestions would be appreciated.



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