hear hear. I totally agree with you. I have very little experience with Insurance, but mine is a million dollar policy we use for towers and other reasons. Its about $100 a month. I'm sure there's a specialized insurance company that likely does this. Anyone have a contact at American Towers? Perhaps they can point us to an 'industry' insurance company or 3.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Would he give WISPA a good rate? Anyone interested could get quotes and maybe he could cut us a break? I want this trade association to get some members services so people have a reason to join. With added services comes members and money. With members and money comes "pull" at the FCC level. Then we get good stuff from the FCC and WISPs rule the world. *Right Brain* Lets do what we can to get more Principal Members.

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

We use Basin Insurance in Moses Lake Wa. Gary Troutman has been GREAT. And he's really done a lot of research into my industry. He's got me on some very cool insurance programs. Good reasonable stuff.

His number is:
(509) 982-2181                                   Equipment sales
(408) 907-6910 (Vonage)                    Consulting services
42846865 (icq)                                    And I run my own wisp! (net meeting)

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From an Insurance agent I am dealing with for ISPs and CLECs:

Hi Peter:
At this level of premium there is really not much that can be done.
Insurance carriers typically set "minimum pemiums" for certain policies even where risk of loss is relatively minor. E+O is an example of this. At $1,250, the coverage is probably very limited and that is the bare minimun the carreir will accept to take on that risk whether the client does $10,000 per year or $250,000.

Unfortunately, it's really not worth the effort on either parties part to try and shave five hundred dollars or 10% from a ~$5,000 overall program.
This is especially true of they are actually looking for real coverage.
It;s like everything else. You really do get what you pay for. These policies will have so many exclusions that actually getting a claim paid would be the exception rather than the rule. Plus they are likely placed with relatively [financially] weak carriers.

My value to your clients would be in the area of making their insurance budget more efficent in terms of providing better coverage with stronger carriers. My guess is that clients that are generating revenue of
>$1Mil per annum would be the minimum threshold where I can actually
accomplish some good.


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   I'm interested in group insurance.  Been talking to United (through
wispinsurance.com) and could use better rates .. this is what we've been

   $2,128 general liability & property +
   $700 umbrella +
   $250 "program administration charges" +
   $1,250 professional E&O (optional) +
   $250 E&O administration charges (optional) +
   $250 Healthy & Safety Manual (maybe optional).

The coverage includes two tower locations with $50k and a premium of $585.

And what is "Fungi Limited Business Interruption"? In case I eat a quarter
   of mushrooms and trip balls for a month?

   Dylan Oliver
   Primaverity, LLC

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