The var said he'd rather not do credit cards (extra 3% if you want it) but he'll do that math and see. He assured me that the way we're doing it, he is the only one who could get "stuck". Besides, this won't be open for public. This is just a few of us who are going to buy together. We all know each other.

A. Huppenthal wrote:

The risk should be - the guy who gets my money sends me my SMs.. These things come in single unit boxes, so repacking them isn't a huge deal. 10 boxes of 10 each? I think that's a reasonable limit. Trusting someone on the list to do the buy with my $2600 is fine. I'll do some due diligience on the group buyer. If there's some references, an address, a person we know, we'll that's all fine wit me. Paypal has some control over what you suggest is a hole.

Travis Johnson wrote:


There are so many risks that _someone_ is going to have to assume. Example: If I say "put me down for 20 units and here's my credit card". You place the order with the distributor, and I get my items. However, either the distributor will put each order in different names (thus, once the boss finds out it will be done), or they all go under a single name. Now, with my credit card being charged, but only a single invoice created for the "big" order, I can contact my credit card company and file a chargeback. There will be no invoice for the purchase, and nothing in my name. I just got 20 radios for free and the distributor just lost big money.

This is only one example. There are 10 other risks to this "project" and someone will have to take them all...

Why not just lease your CPE? Even doing 25 at a time, I think you can get 30 or 60 days before your first payment.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Basically what I propose (in a nutshell) is going to a the distrobuters and saying this. I have ten or twenty or whatever WISPs and we all want to buy ten units of *insert brand here* and have them all shipped to different addresses and charged to different accounts. What are you willing to do to accomidate us? I know there are a number of distobuters out there. Ones that do millions worth of gear all the way down to ones that operate WISPs and became resellers of the gear they use in order to get their volume up. If ten people can install ten a month. That is 1200 a year. If we look, I bet there is a reseller somewhere who wants to increase volume by 1200 a year. 5k a year wouldn't be stretching the imagination too far either.

Am I dumb here guys?  Why wouldn't this work?

Tom DeReggi wrote:


I fully second your post.
Well said.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
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You would think it would work that way, but Volume Buying ends up eating
the organization and the organization becomes caught up in being a
volume club.

We all know that there's more to a WISP than just putting up an AP and
getting a T1 line

Having run both a WISP and a distribution company, I can personally attest to the fact that there's more to distribution (which is what your proposing)
than breaking up a 500 pack amongst WISP

Have you considered all the risks / implications that the buying group
faces? For starters, there's the question of payment -- given that the
buying group has no / limited credit, chances are that any vendor will
require cash up front for the purchase

So, for example, say Motorola Canopy is the product WISPA chooses
Then WISPA / Buying Group needs to come up w/ $100k to purchase that 500
pack (at say, $200 / unit for simplicity's sake)
Then, WISPA / Buying Group needs to come up w/ a warehouse to store stuff Then, WISPA / Buying Group needs to come up w/ a shipper/logistics guy to
repackage / ship stuff

On top of that, chances are, 50% of the WISPs who committed to purchasing the packs will renege and/or delay their deliveries due to unforseen things that always happen in deployments (e.g., lightning, customers don't sign
on, interference from competitor, DSL coming to town)

So now, WISPA / Buying Group needs to hire a sales guy to sell excess units

Now, you've added overhead (and you need to add an administrative fee /
margin to compensate)

In the meantime, either

1. Motorola to announce a 50% price reduction in their Canopy line, and all WISPA members now wanting the new lower price (therefore causing a huge
2. Trango (or some other company) to come out w/ the new "flavor of the month" and no one wanting the inventory anymore, sticking WISPA w/ $100k
worth of boat anchors


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