Ron Wallace wrote:

> That is exactly what I needed to hear, regarding the 2 OSs. Now a second
> Q, what is the difference between the WRAP and WAR boards? In the good ole
> USA these days, a WAR board may take on many definitions. And since the
> CIA is monitoring e-mails I'm sure this will 'peak' their interest. And
> where are you getting your boards?

War violence ECHELON MI-6 Al-Qaeda hatecrime. There, that'll keep the CIA
busy for a while. :D

The WAR board is a specialized board that Valemount makes; you can get 'em
from (Depending on how your network is laid out, you
might want to wait another couple weeks until they finish the next
revision of the software -- there are reports on the StarOS forums that
bridging is more-or-less fried at this time.) WAR boards use an...
interesting... processor (the Intel IXP 420, which I'd never even heard of
before I first saw these boards), which basically means StarVX (their
souped-up version of StarOS for this board) is the only thing you can use
them for.

WRAPs are widely available from your favorite wireless shop. It's
basically a tiny Pentium-233. You get more flexibility in what you can run
on a WRAP board (it's a standard x86-type processor, so you can run
StarOS, RouterOS, heck, MS-DOS, probably even Windows 95 if you work at
it), but there's not nearly as much performance there (it's a
general-purpose board with an older processor).

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