Why would you use an isolator???? If we are talking possible adjacent channel interference then an isolator is not the cure, aditional filtering would be. But most equipment should be able to work in this environment without it. I have sites that have 4 WRAP boards with CM9's sitting right next to each other on the next adjacent channel with no issues.

In addition, the loss of power is not acceptable (though it wouldn't be half power at 5GHz.).


Richard Goodin wrote:

Go to some of the hard core LMR delers and ask for isolators, (They will cut your power in half). Your LMR dealer will need to know power, frequency, type of connectors. This may work, I do not know.

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    Radios are WRAP/CM9's with StarOS on RadioWaves SPD2-5.2NS. Is there
    anything special you do/use to get this to work? Only things I can
    see that
    would help are band pass filters.

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I should revise that to say we do it on dual polarity antennas. Not 2
    radios on one antenna....


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