Before I came to the WISP world, I had 13 years as a technician that had
customer contact and often did technical support over the phone.

I often was the guy across the counter when the customer was happy...and
when he was not.

I never cease to be amazed at stories of businesses with people on the phone
who have bad attitudes, who blame the customer, etc, etc.   I've learned the
customer is always right, at least in his own mind.   And you can tell him
he's wrong, but you have to use some tact and courtesy when you do.  And you
absolutely MUST be right, if you do.   After I left, a crisis in the
business I worked for  caused management to break some of those rules, and
that caused a serious downward trend.

I've found you can charge the guy twice as much as he thought he should pay,
if you things right and fix the problem right,and you can make an honest
explanation.   I've also discovered that goes hand in hand with surprising
him with NO bill when it's your fault and he thinks its his.   I know, I'm a
bit old fashioned, in that I think that relationships make or break you in
the business world.   Lots of people will say that people are fickle and
will jump to save 10 bucks.

Maybe WISP's share these traits.  Some will jump to save 10 bucks.  Others
are loyal to a fault.

If anyone, ANYWHERE who represents a vendor is on these lists and reads
this... and your company culture represents the faults described below...  I
can't imagine how you expect to stay in business.

I've used and still in the market to use Equinox antennas, even though some
had terrible faults.  Why?  Because they have honestly tried to resolve
issues with me.   They've gone above and beyond to fix things.   Do I see
comments from Pacwireless about improving thier 29 db 5 ghz grids?  Nope.

But Equinox has kept me informed and in the loop.

Honestly, that's a lot to say about a company.    Nobody makes perfect
stuff... But if they do thier honest best to make things right, it goes a
long ways toward keeping customers happy.

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sales inquiries to:  purchasing at neofast dot net
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> I am probably far more cynical than most but I really hope that Trango has
> made a turn around as a company with the latest round of changes.
> I tend to remember the bad things more than the good.
> WARNING this is a list of the BAD things!! Good things are at the
> I remember purchasing link 10's as soon as they were released and spending
> time on the phone with at the time their rude tech support department
> to figure out why they were locking up randomly requiring a power cycle to
> get them back online. Only to find out from them that I was the only one
> the world having this problem and it must be because I don't know how to
> install them. Low and behold a month or so later they release a firmware
> for the 30 or so Day lock up issue that didn't exist.
> I remember fighting with the 58xx form factor units filling up with water
> and destroying the ethernet ports on them. Again I spent a lot of time
> the same rude tech support department trying to explain to them that it
> a pressure/temp difference causing water to be pulled into the units.
> only to be accused of not knowing what I was doing and that I had to be
> installing the units upside down. What do you know after fighting with
> about RMA repairs and such on the units they issue a statement about a
> later to not tighten the strain relief all the way on the radio so they
> could breath and not pool water on the inside. I spent a Thanksgiving on a
> tower because of this.
> I remember buying and deploying a 900AP and having pissed off potential
> customers because I couldn't get any SU's to do their installs. Also
> to my 15th SU and trying to figure out why the web interface was hosed and
> couldn't add any more subs to it. Again another firmware fix.
> I remember power supplies not having enough output to run the heaters on
> longer cable runs and having to buy  new wall worts for some units.
> I remember fighting and scrounging trying to find a switch that would
> properly work with the ethernet ports on the units.
> I remember condensation building up on the inside of the random on 5.x
> causing 30+ db of fade taking out links left and right. This is still an
> issue on units I have not replaces with external antennas
> I remember prices being jacked around.
> The various changes in distribution models and not knowing who I was going
> to get units from and how much was I going to have to pay for them.
> You know what even after all of this I still buy and deploy some Trango
> equipment, but it burns me every time I buy more stuff from them. These
> problems would have been much more tolerable if they would have been
> to work with and not so arrogant about insisting they werent having
> problems.
> THE GOOD stuff!!!
> I also remember setting up my first long BH 14 miles with a Link-10 and
> seeing 8ms latency and advertised throughput on the link.
> Hooking up a few dozen customers on T900 that I could never touch in the
> past with 2.4 or 5.x. I also get better throughput, distance and latency
> than with my Alvarion 900 customers, alvarion is a master and noise
> avoidance though when compared to T900.
> My link-10's just hum right along since the bugs were fixed. Besides the
> condensation issue on the INT units.
> I do think they are getting a bit better with regards to customer
> though and their tech support department was very personable and willing
> help out last time I had to call them. So I hope this is a sign of things
> come from them.
> I have been beating my head on the wall trying to figure out what
> I want to use for a few new POP's this year and admit it would be nice if
> Trango pulled it together with a good line up of cost effective, feature
> rich and most of all bug free equipment early this year to add to my list
> choices.
> Sorry for the rambling
> Chadd.
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> I'm not sure if everyone really truly realizes what has just happened.
> It took an hour or two for it to really sink in, I think I must have been
> shock.
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