I snuck this quote from somewhere...

Evoking images of broadband "toll bridges" and "gate keepers", Democratic
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps Tuesday praised a study that found
a majority of respondents (54%) wanted legislation mandating
nondiscriminatory access to Internet service providers (ISPs). The venue was
press conference Wednesday by Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of
America and Free Press announcing the study and calling for such a
provision in Congress' ongoing rewrite of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.
Copps did not expressly back a legislative mandate-referring only
to "creative solutions"-or take questions, but he said the data "made clear
to me that this is becoming a really important national issue." [Story
from Freepress.net]

So many ways this can be interpreted...

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> Well it clearly demonstrates that everyone needs to be very careful of
> they ask for.
> Things may not end up as planned, if they aren't on top of the game..
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