Easy to say but then you don't have to supply the Sun boxes that the Zillacasters run on.
Also, selling local advertising takes time and man-power.
How do you get enough click-throughs and other metrix on 500 subs?
Even pay the advertising salesperson?



Tom DeReggi wrote:

For the life of me, it amazes me how companies come up with requirements like > 10,000. Any one with half a sense, would realise that WISPs dont have 10,000 subs yet, but all combined represent a unique segment of the market, "The Under Served", that no other ISP can touch. Its not like you can turn the station like TV or Radio.

7000 wireless providers times 500 users each = 3,500,000 unique eye balls to market to with Broadband.
Adzilla is insane not having a 500 sub startout package.
Where you miss in vlume of users you substitute with frequency of adds.
Where you had had hardware appliance you subsitute software executable.

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