Color me jaded, but how can you get a zero truck roll CPE in 5.4-5.9 unlicensed?

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jeffrey thomas wrote:


Just got out of training for the new AIRSPAN wimax product for 5.8.
most other vendors, they are going to market with their 802.16-2004
solution and are shipping in JULY, and expect FCC certification for
their 802.16-2004
product for 4.9 Ghz as well in July! I am very excited about this as the
3 plus
years of waiting for a viable, wimax product in a band that everyone can
in will be available.

So, while the equipment has not been ratified by the Wimax forum as of
yet, ( and they havent even decided when they will be certifying vendors ) this
product will
be either complaint as is or will require a minor software upgrade for
Wimax forum certified compatiability, assuming that the forum go with the 802.16-2004 spec as planned.
some notes on the product:

initial pricing expected to be very reasonably priced on the AP side of
600.00 / cpe

35 mb / sector real world throughput @ 64 QAM

full service flow integration for QOS

can be used in either 5 mhz channel size or 10 mhz channel

zero truck roll CPE ( users can easily install the equipment )
full blown FCAPS compliant NMS ( Fault monitoring configuration
authentication provisioning security )

color me excited :)



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