I recently purchased one of these...
On its maiden trip, the technician cracked the LCD screen...:(

I sent to Germany for repair and it is currently 'stuck' in customs where
they are trying to assess import duties on the unit for repair!

I really never got the chance to evaluate, but may be interested in a group
order also.

Please keep me in the loop as to the cost and when/where we should place our

It may actually be cheaper for me to just purchase a replacement instead of
paying for the repair.

BTW - has anyone else used one of these that can provide a recommendation on

- Cliff

On 6/15/06 10:31 AM, "Brian Rohrbacher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Been there, done that.  It was one of my reasons for posting here.  To
> get feedback and maybe spark interest for a couple more buyers.  4 more
> are needed to get 25% off.
> Brian
> Patrick Shoemaker wrote:
>> There is a group purchase for these going on over at the Broadband
>> Reports WISP forum.
>> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,16213716~mode=flat
>> I will be purchasing one to try it out.  I figure for about $1000 it
>> ought to be worth it, especially for WISP use.  I expect some clumsy
>> features and inconveniences, but I'm willing to live with that for the
>> price.  With the group purchase we will save a couple hundred bucks.
>> If you're interested, get in touch with John (binary1000) quickly as
>> he will be placing orders soon.
>> Patrick
>> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>>> I am looking at the Spectran HF-4080. looks like a nice little handheld
>>> Spectrum Analyzer for the price.
>>> http://test1.contenttest.net/Spektrumanalysator_en.shtml#    (look
>>> bottom left)
>>> With the extra ram for plotting, it is about $1000 US.
>>> Is it as good piece of hardware for the price?
>>> Brian

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