The 911 call is going to use SS7 information like caller ID and address from the LIDB database to send help.
Your script can't really do that.
If it could, you would need to test hck out of it and find a way to get insurance to cover when it didn't work and you were sued for criminal negligience. See, because the FCC says you have to do Enhanced 911 in offering VoIP, if you don't and something happens, it is a criminal offense. Jail time and big dollar civil action. (As explained to me by 2 respected telecom attorneys).

- Peter

Tom DeReggi wrote:

That is incorrect. What gives you that impression?

listening to others' conversations, but I am not knowledgeable on the subject yet, and I take your word for it.

That is incorrect. A POTS line will only be able to provide ANI/ALI information as configured by the LEC providing the POTS line, which will not match the subscriber's call that you are routing through it.

Understand I am not a phone guy, and just learning Asterix.
This is what I don't understand.
If I provision my customers to my switch I know my customer's source phone numbers. Why can't I write a script in Linux/Asterix that says, if Source phone number equals my client, and destiantion phone number equalls 911, move this call to POTS Line A, a POTS line with an area code/phone xxx-xxx appropriaite for the region where that customer resides. I match this up a tthe time I initially provision the customer. Then I have multiple POTs lines A,B,C with each of the unique area code/phone yyy-yyy of the unique regions that we serve. When customer 2 in region B makes a call, my script says if call comes from customer B and destination =911 switch to source POTS line B. Again programmed into our switch at time of provisioning based on the customer's address or typcial phone number for their area. Whay can't that happen? Why wouldn't that comply? Is it that there is not enough 911 lines to match the number of potential callers? Or is it that that type of scripting is not possible based on designs of Asterix and PBXes. OR is it that you are saying that its not possible to get a variety of custom unique numbers yyy-yyy to a single location? Would it jsut mean that you need to have a switch in each region yyy-yyy? Isn't that how my Cell site is already designed? I have a cell site every 5 miles radius apart. I see no problem in putting a Asterix switch and a few 911 capable pots line at each cell site location, and terminate calls at the first hop. I may redirect/transport calls using VOIP to a remote gateway after I check that the destination is NOT a 911 call. But as long as teh checking happens at the first hop (within 5 miles) why would it not work. This could be a problem for people that buy into Broadcom and have to buy a $30,000-$100,000 switch software, or name brand MetaSwitch ($150,000 hardware), but not a problem for the Asterix VOIP provider with a hard cost of under $1000 per gateway plus POTs line costs.

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