Tom DeReggi wrote:

Why can't I write a script in Linux/Asterix that says, if Source phone number equals my client, and destiantion phone number equalls 911, move this call to POTS Line A, a POTS line with an area code/phone xxx-xxx appropriaite for the region where that customer resides.

Stop right there. The LEC providing that POTS line will send the phone number of the POTS line and the address where they delivered it to the PSAP. The phone number and address assigned to that POTS line will not match your customer's. The only way to make it match is to have the POTS line delivered to the customer premise. Even if you are willing to do that you still won't comply since the POTS line has nothing to do with your VoIP service.

The bottom line is that the only way to comply is to have a connection to every PSAP or selective router serving your customers and the ability to make changes to the address database. The only way to have that is to be a CLEC, buy E911 service, or buy VoIP termination service that includes E911.

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