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We charge $35 an hour to the customer for any extra work over the two hour time frame that it generally takes to get the installation done. My subcontractors are locked in at that rate for extra work, so it seems to work pretty well.

Matt Larsen

KyWiFi LLC wrote:
We are starting to see more and more subscribers need custom
installations such as a vent pipe mount, aerial drop, trenching, etc.
How is everyone paying their sub-contractors when it comes to
non-standard installations? For instance, say you pay $75 to a
sub-contractor for a standard installation but when they arrive
at the job site, the subscriber needs a 10' ditch dug. If the
sub-contractor says he will dig the ditch for $25 do you just
tack this amount on to the subscriber's installation fee and then
pass it along to the sub-contractor or do you add say $10 - $20
to the amount the sub-contractor is going to charge you and then
bill the subscriber the inflated amount which would then have a
profit margin attached? Or, do you have the sub-contractor bill
the subscriber separately for digging the ditch or whatever else
they want/need done at their premises? In other words, do you
try to make a profit on the additional work performed by the
sub-contractor which falls outside a standard installation?

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