Patrick Leary wrote:
I agree that many WISPs have panned muni wi-fi instead of leveraging
their expertise. WISPs were arguably best positioned initially to
address this need. Smart VARs and resellers got busy though and whether
WISPs realize it, almost all the VARs that serve the WISP community now
have a muni engagement. It is just a business reality.
And why shouldn't they? If you are radio vendor, reseller, or VAR muni Wi-Fi is a great thing. You get to sell a bunch radios and consulting time. It doesn't matter if the business plan makes sense or if the network even works long term. operators on the other hand have to be concerned about the long-term.


I bet your radios are doing great technically in the Mountain View deployment, but you stated you personally aren't able to use the Wi-Fi portion of the network. Does that make the network a failure from your perspective as a consumer?

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