John Scrivner wrote:
Why should the networks all fail? If they provide easy mobile access to WiFi then that is what you design and build them to do. That is what I am doing. If the 4 nodes we turned on today in our downtown provide me with the ability to find a business downtown through the captive portal, allow me to access the Internet to check my email, and allow me to search for other information then it does what it needs to do for me. Define the terms for failure you are predicting. I have yet to see anyone prove that muni-WiFi will fail any more than I have seen anyone prove it will work. Matt, if you are thinking the platform will fail then why are you launching nodes on street lights yourself? Is it just a test system you are building or what? I believe there is too much interest in seeing muni-WiFi as a future platform for it to be a complete failure. I sure would like to see that business plan that shows it failing or prospering though. Neither plan exists as far as I know. It is the great unknown right now.
Many of these networks are meant for home broadband; not nomadic use. In fact, if you read Philadelphia's RFP one of the reasons they wanted the network was to provide broadband at homes where DSL is not available. I don't think all muni networks will fail, but I do expect ones where the city provides no revenue to fail.

Why would we deploy nodes ourselves? Call it a defensive measure. I won't say anything else publicly.

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