Check back in with us in a year and let us know how that cell data card is working. If you thought the oversubscription on dialup lines was bad, wait until more people get on the cellular data networks. Talk about something that will not scale when the data hits it - wow.

Matt Larsen

Brad Belton wrote:
I wasn't going to pipe in on this topic, but George hit it square on the
head: Cellular.

Laptops are now available with built-in cellular data cards.  This trend
will only continue as the cellular data rates continue to increase.  My
Sprint data card pretty consistently pulls 500Kbps and can peak at nearly
1.5Mbps.  This is far better than many WiFi hotspots I have connected to and
certainly better than any Muni-WiFi system I've seen.

Pure coverage alone will give the cellular networks a huge advantage over
any muni system.  I can guarantee you the next laptop I buy will have a
cellular data card built-in.  <grin>



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Tom DeReggi wrote:

My arguement is that the biggest prospective client for use of a mobile network is the governement. If you give service to them free or without financial contribution from them, its just plain stupid in my mind.

But what about cellular?

Aren't they posed best to take advantage of mobile customers because they are all theirs anyways? Sprint just announced they will be doing mobile wimax. Verizon already has a decent nation wide high speed mobile internet access product that a lot of law enforcement are all ready using in the plice cars.

And just this morning we heard about 4g cellular delivering 100megs to the police car at 37 miles per hour.

How does muni fit into the future that will be dominated by cellular?


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