As far as I know, it looks like a typical "include everyone of substance" as a 
member.  Nothing has crossed my desk nor has there been any discussion during 
WISPA board meetings about such a request for membership.  

Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.
Founding Member of WISPA

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I was looking through the members and found WISPA listed.

Dawn DiPietro

Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) Launches Online Resource For 
Wireless Companies Worldwide

Written by WIP
Tuesday, 05 September 2006

The Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) today announced the launch of 
the WIP portal, a set of tools and resources for wireless companies 
around the world, available online at

WIP�s online tools and resources help businesses reduce time to market 
for innovative wireless products and services.

Vancouver, BC � August 28, 2006 �� WIP estimates there are more than 
40,000 wireless companies worldwide and designed these tools and 
resources in an effort to fuel business opportunities for member 
companies as well as to stimulate growth and innovation in the wireless 

The key WIP tool is WIPConnector, an innovative directory that allows 
members to pinpoint the industry people with whom they need to network. 
WIPConnector is a free service for members of the Wireless Industry 
Partnership. The WIP portal includes other resources to reduce the time 
to market for new wireless products and services, aid research and 
development initiatives, uncover channel opportunities and achieve other 
important business goals.

While most analyst firms believe the global telecommunications market 
will grow by only single digits over the next several years, these same 
analysts forecast sustained double-digit growth in wireless. Insight 
Research Corporation�s 2006 Telecommunications Industry Review predicts 
the wireless services market will approach one trillion dollars (US) by 
2010 and represent more than 55 percent of the entire telecommunications 
market. Although it is the telecom growth engine, the wireless industry 
itself is growing beyond telecommunications with technologies such as 
Bluetooth, Global Positioning System (GPS), Radio Frequency 
Identification (RFID) and others.

�Wireless technology will very soon touch the lives of every person who 
uses technology,� said Caroline Lewko, WIP founder and CEO. �All around 
the world there are entrepreneurs that not only create new wireless 
technologies and applications, but change the way entire industries 
solve problems, deliver goods and services and enhance life�s 
conveniences through the use of wireless. But the wireless industry 
continues to be very segmented with each segment dealing with disparate 
technologies, platforms and operating systems, a variety regulatory 
environments, lack of standards and a host of other issues. WIP 
understands the complicated and challenging waters wireless businesses 
need to navigate in order to become successful, so we developed the 
tools available via the WIP portal to help them succeed.�

Membership is available to companies and individuals at an introductory 
rate of $300 (US) per year. WIP has also signed collaboration agreements 
with industry associations around the world such as the MX Alliance 
based in the UK and the Ottawa Wireless Cluster in Canada, and is 
negotiating with others. Members of these organizations are able to join 
WIP at a reduced rate.

A key benefit for WIP members is the ability to create a WIPConnector 
profile � a virtual billboard advertisement that gives even the smallest 
wireless companies exposure to a vast array of potential partners, 
customers, distribution channels, investors and other strategic 

One of the first companies to join WIP and take advantage of 
WIPConnector is Technical Magic, an Ottawa, Canada-based corporate 
application development company and architect of Techano�, which offers 
the MovementMobile product line, an intelligent wireless system designed 
specifically for the courier industry.

�As a growing wireless company we are looking to build 
business-to-business relationships for our MovementMobile product with 
inner-city courier support channels,� said Gary Hewett, founder and 
chief software architect of Technical Magic Corporation. �Membership in 
WIP offers us a highly cost-effective way to increase the global 
visibility and awareness of Technical Magic. WIP helps us collect 
valuable market data while the WIPConnector directory has quickly 
plugged our expanding company into the broader wireless community.�

At launch the WIP portal will include a wide range of tools and 
resources for members, which WIP plans to expand over the next six 
months. These tools and resources will continue to evolve over time with 
member input.

To find out more about the WIP portal, WIPConnector directory and 
membership, visit

About the Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP)

The Wireless Industry Partnership is an online business development 
resource for wireless businesses across the globe. WIP promotes 
innovation by networking the various links in the wireless value chain 
from ideas, to capital, to development, to distribution channels. WIP�s 
tools and resources include the most comprehensive directory of wireless 
developer programs that offer technical information, support and 
marketing assistance for the creation of new applications, and 
WIPConnector, an innovative social network directory in which members 
pinpoint the right industry people with whom to network. For more 
information visit

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