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First of all, are you familiar with Intrado's recent past?




Watching them

lose their business because of VoIP e911 is pretty telling.


I am at a loss here as they are the Nations largest and even providing for certain Telcos! They have written the book on e911 as well as hold a many patents on the technology.




there is no way to be 100% legal regarding VoIP since e911 is not

available everywhere, while at the same time the FCC requires all VoIP

operators to provide e911 everywhere.


Yes - there is. First, where there are no actual 911 addresses or the County/Parish does not have their end set up there is the long/Lat approach that is being used. The right PSAP is still attained and the right address is given.



 Then there is the realty of

working with VoIP upstreams. If you think a good backend system is going

to make it all work you are mistaken. I can't tell you how many manual

LNP orders we have to handhold. Heck, one of the PSAPs in our market

requires all 911 database updates to be faxed to them.



Well, we are doing much better than that :-)  The biggest advantage with us is that once the e911 call is placed it does not travel over SIP trunks or the internet when it hits our NOC as we have dedicated PRIs to handle that traffic and we  dump it to that route. This way we are not relying on Level3 in Dallas J but a straight shot to Intrado.


e911 is not what is holding companies back. What is holding companies

back is that VoIP is hard and expensive. We try and make it as seamless

as possible to our VoIP downstreams, but it isn't perfect.


The e911 price is exactly what's holding the majority back! The majority of the ISPs who want to do VoIP can't handle a $5000.00 set up fee and then a minimum of $300.00 per month starting out with 3 VoIP phone clients!


It is not perfect, but VoIP is absolutely too easy! Asterisk has made it possible for my mother to set up a fully functional PBX. It kind of reminds me of driver's license in that any idiot who can breathe and see can get a license and anyone who can order a disc with the newest GUI can be in the VoIP business. Now the truth is that there are thousands out there, but only 10 worth subscribing to.


I know people want to disagree, but we are doing hundreds of thousands

of minutes each month, which I suspect is more than anyone else on this



Do you resell e911?

Who are you using for a solution?

Do you have a FCC certificate for each State you are doing business in?














Mac Dearman wrote:

>  I thought I would "feel out" the listonians here at WISPA first to see if I

> could peak anyone's interest in a venture we have been working toward for a

> couple months.


> My VoIP Company is currently in the final stages of getting set up with

> Intrado ( (Nations largest e911 provider) for our backbone

> and call handling with the ability to resell e911 at an affordable price to

> other ISPs who wish to legally have a VoIP service offering. It has been a

> long and super expensive adventure and that's why so many of us are not

> selling VoIP now. We will offer private branding and FCC compliance

> certificates for all who would enter into this with us as well as a web

> interface for management and updating, IVR updating, 24x7 call center as

> well as a SOAP API interface or branded website.


>  I have thought long and hard about the costs of getting onboard with other

> e911 providers and I know that is the reasons so many of us aren't already

> "whole hog" in the VoIP business. Most of these other companies are charging

> a $5K set up fee and a $400.00 month minimum and as much as $3.00 per month

> per DID just to offer VoIP legally. SCANDALOUS!


> Would anyone be interested in a solution that would make you 100% FCC legal

> that wouldn't impose all the financial burdens on you to get set up and

> running?


>  I am talking a WISPA Members deal here folks!


> If you aren't a WISPA paid member yet - - - it would be in your best

> interest to do so as this is going to rock the boat and make it EASY for all

> of us WISPs to get in the VoIP arena. It will be exceptionally easy for any

> WISPA member


> Please hit me off list if you questions or concerns.


> Mac







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