Paul Hendry wrote:

Have you tried just using a different PSU with higher voltage and higher
yes. I actually even set up a second test link on the ground with the "bad" board I just took down. I tested with an extra 11 foot of cat5 five on my ground test (276, not the 265 in the air). The ethernet link was fine. Bandwidth test showed me sending 24mb (laptop cpu maxed) vs the 3mb I can send at the tower site. I can receive 14mb (RB cpu maxed) vs the 5mb I get at the tower site. I have a fancy cable tester coming from a guy I know. We'll see what it finds.

Also, how many re-terminations do you have between the power
injector and the RB532?

Where do I find this info?



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So, does anyone know if it looks like I would be fine on the power side of things?
I have tweaked the ethernet port settings for no gain.

Next step is to get climbing 280ft to replace board, but I'd like to confirm power first.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

I have a RB 532 on 300 foot of cat 5 with 2 sr5.
I'm using poe 48v .700a power supply.
I'm seeing weirdness.

Do I have enough "juice"


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