I get more and more frustrated with these kinds of titles...

You'd think there wasn't broadband available.   There's broadband available
in an amazingly wide area...  But you can't force consumers to buy it.

This is probably just the first volley of a campaign to gin up a few hundred
billion to give to the telcos as subsidy to "lower" the price of

We should be very wary of this kind of misleading stuff, it's going to bite
us big time if we don't speak up and get some real perspective seen.

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> U.S. Still Lags In Broadband Access
> Lack of Competition Leaves U.S. 16th Among Industrialized Nations
> By Martin H. Bosworth
> ConsumerAffairs.Com
> September 17, 2006
> The constant refrain of major telecommunications and cable companies is
> that there's "heavy competition" for the Internet user's dollar.

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