I can't believe that someone would be dumb enough to write this...  The
biggest problem is a lack of FEDERAL POLICY????

Oh, please.   Spare us the insane idiocy...

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> The main problem seems to be the free-market telecom frenzy that has
> enveloped the US (and much of its population) in technology and price
> uncertainty. With no national broadband policy in place, multiple
> service providers are targeting affluent urban areas, while leaving many
> poor and rural dwellers to fend for themselves. In big cities, that
> means consumers face daunting broadband choices. Should they sign a
> contract with their cable provider or telco? Wait for the installation
> of a Wi-Fi network? Choose an alternate provider like EarthLink? And
> which broadband technology is the best? Many just stick with what they
> know best: the slow but reliable telephone.

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