We are actually at the point where about 68% of the US population has Internet.
The rest don't own a computer or do not want Internet.

Some of that 68% is still on dial-up. For some it is a price thing. For some it is not understanding technology. For some it is to make the experience painful to avoid wasting hours on the internet.

So dropping the price - as SBC and VZ have experienced - to sub-$15 gets you some dial-up conversions. But when the price returns to normal, some switch back to cheaper dial-up.

The dilemma becomes How do you get more internet appliance (PC's, laptops, PDAs, internet terminal) penetration?

The marketing question is: What Remarkable & Useful things can you do with broadband (other than entertainment)?

That's my 2 cents.

Peter @ RAD-INFO, Inc.

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