We had the exact same problem about 6 months ago... our only solution was to replace the SBE card with an ethernet card and use a DS3 to Ethernet converter on both sides. Since that change (everything else the same), the problem stopped.


Ed Spoon wrote:

Has anyone experienced or have any thoughts on the following....

PC Based Mikrotik with Disk-on module, SBE Card, 4Port Ethernet card...

Hard locks at random. Has been happening every 2 to 4 weeks (sometimes longer) but a reboot takes care of it, so it has not been a real issue, just aggravating. Recently happened twice in one week so we replaced the hardware - all of it, including PC and all cards - and upgraded to 2.9.29. This was a week and 2 days ago - it locked up again today, same symptoms. This is a complete lock up, no telnet, ssh, etc... No activity on local monitor/keyboard...no traffic, etc.

This is used as back haul and pushes a steady 10-12 Megs during peak hours. The lock ups happen during peak and off peak hours so I don't think it is load related. There is another MT at the opposite end of the backhaul link with the same cards installed. This MT had this same issue a while back but cleared up after changing hardware, which is why we thought a hardware change would fix the current problem.

but...about an hour after today's lock up and reboot, it happened again and this time it was the other end - the one that has been fine since it was replaced several months ago.

Very frustrating and difficult to troubleshoot, no logs or dumps of any kind.


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