Kind of a given, Larry..

What I am hoping for is some good conversations about strategies for dealing
with it.

Most of us just can't afford to pay a high-priced advisor...  Yet the
impacts are comparatively MUCH larger for a small business than for those
big guys who can hire the lawyers and tax advisors.

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> This should not be a big surprise.  The Democratic Party's platform has
> always yielded higher taxes.  This story just shows one of many ways that
> Democratic-lead Congress is likely to spread-the-hurt.
> Sorry folks, but it is a grim day in my opinion.  Taxes are going up,
> cost-of-business is going up.  Regulation is going up.  I know that a lot
> Americans are tired of the war and would like to see a more active social
> economic agenda in Washington... but allowing Congress to be harsh on
> business and harsh on consumers will just serve to put us back in a
> recession.
> - Larry

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