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> I always find it interesting that people like to spread FUD about taxes.
> At this point, there is no new tax plan presented, so there is no way to
> know what impact it will have. Further, from an economic standpoint, it
> isn't clear that lower taxes are good for businesses.

Huh.   It isnt' clear that taking more money from your business with nothing
in return hurts your business?   It isn't c lear that taking money from your
customers and potential customers can hurt your business?

What can I say...  Some folks must be able to walk on water.   Sadly, it's a
skill I have not learned.   Nor anyone I know.   Nor has any small  business
I've done business with, nor worked for ever managed to say that taxes and
regulation have no impact on them...

 Regardless, this
> list doesn't need a discussion about politics or taxes since neither are
> on topic. Finally, if something like taxes is the one thing that is
> going to make or break your business then your business likely has
> bigger problems than who controls congress.

Yeah, we're SMALL businesses.  That's our "Problem".   We're vulnerable.  We
take what the rest of the western world considers to be insane risks.

Millions of these "businesses with bigger problems than who controls
Congress" employ the majority of all employed people in the US, all of the
"self-employed", too.

If you think government policy is irrelevant to WISP's (and any other small
business), I'd like to know what you think is relevant...

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