Do you have any factual basis for those statements,
or are you just hoping?  Does customers that
send lots of jobs and money translate in any way
to a net loss of 14.5 million in the third quarter of
2006, as opposed to a 4.9 million dollar loss in
same quarter 2005?

It is kind of scary when a company in that shape
sees their general and admin costs go up 354%
in that period, when the actual costs of providing
that service go up only around 105%.

Now, with that said, it is a good concept.  The only
issue is whether or not Wall Street will let them
hang around burning money until they start showing
a profit.

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Fiber Tower is rocking the house.  They are very focused and have a core
nitch of customers that not only love their service but are willing to send
lots of jobs and money to them.  Oh.. And they are executing like white on

Dustin Jurman

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The one thing that has been the failure of SO many companies including
NextLink, Yipes, et al - NOT ENOUGH SALES.  Folks in the greater ISP
industry tend to focus much of their attention on the technology.
Building, tinkering, tweaking.  Equally, your focus has to be on sales &

It's the end of another year
(, take time to
make goals for the new year - and to create a sales plan for your
company and a marketing plan.  (Even if you don't follow it, at least
you have taken the time to think about it).

Marketing for WISP's:

Here's a couple of things about low hanging fruit: easy to pick - by you
or anyone else; and if not picked, it gets rotten and falls off the tree.

To your success,

Peter Radizeski
Marketing IDEA
(813) 963-5884

I take the technology and help you turn it into revenue.

Matt Liotta wrote:

One the biggest factors holding our industry back is a lack of success
on the part of the big poster children. People look at the past
failures of WinStar and Teligent and wonder if new entrants can
succeed. Many investors are watching FiberTower and NextLink to see if
these new poster children can prove the business model.

It doesn't really matter that neither FiberTower or NextLink are
representative of our industry. What matters is they are both publicly
traded fixed wireless companies. This means that all fixed wireless
companies are viewed through the lens of these publicly traded
companies since they are the only ones with enough information for
people to draw conclusions on.

If you look at FiberTower's and NextLink's latest numbers you should
be very worried. NextLink is failing and I predict will be out of
business in the not too distant future. FiberTower is much better off
than NextLink, but they are burning cash at an impressive rate. One
can easily predict them running out of cash sometime next year if
things follow a similar trend.

Some of us on this list do more revenue than NextLink, but I doubt
that will matter when they go under. Our valuations will decline in
lock step to any failures by these two companies.


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