At 10:30pm this evening one of our tower routers took to locking up. This is after being replaced just few weeks ago for the same problem. It was the same hardware and I can't tell if it's cold related or not but it doesn't feel like it. I've now put together another replacement and I'm just hoping this holds. What I really need is a source for quality industrial PC type machines with -40 temp ratings,compact flash, gig ethernets and 600mhz cpus (no sound, vga or other bs)...

Mark Nash - Lists wrote:
Wind storms came through last night.  Power out at 6 sites this morning,
various power companies.  Started at 6 this morning...Put in 2 generators,
purchased 8 marine batteries and patched them into my APC UPS units.  2
sites now still running on batteries, 2 on generators.  Will be a late night
I think...

George, I would imagine you guys had it worse out there on the coast...

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