Sorry to cross post this guys but I am looking for suggestions and wasn't
sure if everyone is on both lists.

I have been having an intermittent problem the last few days. A few of my
AP's and CPE's will stop responding. These are a mixture of brands, Trango,
MT, Brilan, they are on different network segments, different frequencies. 

The strange thing that not all the radios on the segment will have problems
only some, and even more odd is that an AP can stop responding but you can
still access some of the CPE's associated with it and they will pass traffic
fine. In any case a reboot of the backhaul that feeds each individual
segment will bring them all back up again for a random amount of time. I
have checked the BH links when things start going haywire and can't seem to
find any issues, no oddball traffic, packets per second seem fine. Also my
ARP tables seem to be fine when this happens, but I haven't tried to flush
my ARP when I have the issue.

Everything is currently "and has been for 4 yrs" bridged and it is getting
to the point where I need to break down and start setting up routing at each
of my POPs. I had thought it may be a bridge loop, but if that was the case
I wouldn't think the segment would operate fine for a while after a Backhaul

I am looking for suggestions of other things I may/should be checking and or
looking at.


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