>If you peer with Akamai, LimeLight, Google, Yahoo, etc you won't
pay for transit of their content and it will be fast... very fast.

Yes, if your performance problem is to those locations.
The problem is most transit providers already have good peering with them.
The reason to cache, is to improve speed and reduce bandwidth across transit to all the other many smaller sites you need communication with, that your upstream does not have good peering with. You are also making the assumption that the direct Peering connection costs are less expensive than the transit costs to connect to them.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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You don't need to host Akamai boxes and/or rely solely on Akamai's customers content for an improvement in experience and a decrease in transit cost. IMHO, the easier way is to simply peer with the various CDNs.> -Matt

Jonathan Schmidt wrote:
Hi, and Happy New Year, all, before I forget....

The Akamai caches content that folks pay them to put on it which includes
stuff like Microsoft updates, Real Player updates and downloads, anti-virus vendor downloads, etc. It's really great since the latency vanishes and I
note here that I experience downloads of updates of 4 to 5 megabits per
second on the cable modem...a rate that wouldn't be possible even with the
large XP window size with latencies to the original sites.

However, it won't cache most sites since they are often not capable of being
cached without breaking the experience for the user and, besides, Akamai
doesn't care.

It won't cache P2P traffic like BitTorrent or Napster, traffic that is
likely the source of a lot of network load.

It is a completely different animal in a different sphere of operation and,
although valuable, isn't an ad-hoc cache.

. . . j o n a t h a n

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We've had one for almost 5 years now... but there isn't anything to "play with". They ship you three 1u servers and a Cisco switch. You plug everything in and turn it on. They do all the admin, config, setup, etc. and don't allow you access whatsoever.

But it does work great. Microsoft updates come VERY fast (over 10Mbps speeds) and many other sites are just as fast. However, I have no idea who to contact, as we were approached by them.


David E. Smith wrote:

George Rogato wrote:

You know Akamai is also an option. As I recall they require you to have x number of subs and then send you their boxes to be set up on your network. All free.

Any idea on how many subs you need before this becomes an option? I've heard that Akamai will do this, and I love having new toys in my NOC to play with, but I've never been able to find out just how you go about getting one.

David Smith

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