Hi Ryan,

My favorite AP setup for 2.4 is StarOS/Orinoco card/YDI amplifier/YDI 180deg sector antenna - however some of these parts are getting harder to find and/or don't work for a lot of situations. So here is the most common one that I am deploying as of late:

StarOS/prism2511/tranzeo h-pol sector

A WRAP with a 2511 will serve about 50 or 60 customers in 2.4.

A loaded up PC with four Orinoco cards and four sectors will serve about 250-260 customers. Some have said that you can do more, but that is the most I've been able to do at one site. If you don't need radius authentication, or want to use hotspot-style authentication, I'm sure that a WRAP board with one of the new atheros chipset b/g cards would probably be the most compatible with a CPQ.

FWIW, I have 1000+ subs on my staros access points, and the breakdown is probably 50% 200-15, 30% 80-15 and 20% CPQ radios. The CPQs are the best of them all for performance, reliability and ease of installation.

Hope that helps. I'll take a shot at the other issues surfacing in this thread later. :^)

Matt Larsen

Ryan Spott wrote:
N White wrote, On 12/28/2006 11:30 PM:

Nick. Is. A. God. (and has EXCELLENT reading comprehension!)
Correction. It's late, I'm tired, and have had too much wine. I meant that the TRCPQ is Atheros based, not TRCPE. This is from a Tranzeo list:

The CPE90 is Marvell.
The 900, the CPQ, the 6000, the 49, and the 5a are all Atheros based.
The CPE200, the 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 were Prism based.
The CPE80 was Atmel.
-Damian Wallace
I was looking for that Damian Wallace post!
Also, if you decide to go the StarOS/Mikrotik way, make sure you upgrade all of your Tranzeo gear to the latest firmwares.
All of my TRCPQ are up to date.. I have a script that does it for me. :) (pointing and clicking on each CPE/Q gets REALLY tiresome after a while!)



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