I'm a Ham (a little out of practice maybe), and if my memory serves me, in an emergency, the HAM bands can be used however necessary, even by non-HAMs. However, organization is desirable, especially with large scale disasters like Katrina. Accessing someone's wireless router without permission is a different animal; a little vigilante. But if you save a life or something, who would fault you?

Jack Unger wrote:

Holy brainfade, JohnnyO.

Your comments about "highly illegal" just went STRAIGHT over my head.

What's illegal about Brian's emergency communications operation? Hams have been providing emergency communications services since (literally) the sinking of the Titanic.


JohnnyO wrote:

Brian - Ham Operator or not - do you realize that what you're planning
on doing is HIGHLY illegal and has several people over the past 2 yrs in
Federal Prison as we speak ?

Why don't ya'll get a VSAT system that works well for VOIP ? The cost is
only about $60/mo more and you have no restrictions on bandwidth or
stupid filtering like Wild Blue does....


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I'm looking for a good client radio to use in an emergency
vehicle. My criteria are, POE, highest gain panel antenna possible,
scan/survey tool built in, web interface, 802.11b at minimum. I'm part
of a
ham radio emergency response group and we have our own comms van. I want
have a client radio that we can use on a push up mast to scan around for
open access point and grab bandwidth in an emergency on a scene. We
with our county Hazmat team for support and the internet is handy. We
already have a Wild Blue setup and that will work when necessary but I
like to be able to use something with lower latency so we can implement
at times. I have not studied the 802.11b outdoor client radios in a long
time and thought I would ask opinions here. Price is a consideration but
feature set is more important. Id' like to stay away from YDI/Proxim
because of their attitude on the phone whenever I have dealt with them.
any of you can point me to a link were I can purchase one that would be
great. Have a nice day.

Thank You,
Brian Webster

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