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Hey, I've been testing Dual-WAN routers. I've used Xincom, Linksys, &
D-Link. The Linksys seems to be most reliable because it has a "health
check feature". Has anyone out there tried anything else?

Are you just looking for redundancy (i.e. automatic failover so if one ISP or connection dies, you'll more-or-less transparently switch to the second one), or for bonding or load balancing (i.e. double your bandwidth by using both connections at once)?

Either way, building a system with Mikrotik's RouterOS software is probably the answer you're looking for, or at least an acceptable answer. Automatic failover is so easy, even I was able to figure it out; the other fancy stuff you'd have to read up a bit, but it's quite possible.

Heck, the new(ish) RouterBoard 150 hardware comes with the software, and the board itself can be found for around $70. Add in a power supply and a case of some sort, and you've got a nice complete setup for around $100. (I'm assuming you need JUST routing here; if you want this to be a wireless client as well, you'd need a slightly more expensive piece of kit.)

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