RickG wrote:

This is for the end user cpe side. I'd like to see both fail-over and
load balancing but fail-over is priority. No need for wireless. I'll
look into the microtik. Thanks! -RickG

I could never get load balancing and policy routing to work quite right, but it also wasn't a high priority for any of the locations where I've done this. And simple failover is detailed in the Mikrotik RouterOS manual. In a pinch, I know we've got one or two Mikrotik trainers on the list; you could get them to show you how to do it. You only have to pay for it once, then you can just copy-and-paste the configuration from there on out. :D

Fair warning, I haven't used the RouterBoard 150 hardware I mentioned, but most of their other hardware has treated me well, so I wouldn't expect that board to be any different.

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