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You've covered much of it.

I'd also like to turn customers on and off.

Know the max speed the customer hit in the last 24 hours, week, month, year.

Know the bits per day, week, month, year.
These things are suppose to be included. And to add too it, it looks like the customer will have their own log in too, so they can up the speed whenever they want. It would be nice.
They could up their speed and pay and I don't even have to think about it.

Top 10 protocols the customer uses (would help to catch virus' etc.).

Keep track of several ip addys per customer (one per radio, ip and lan ip etc.).

And I'd like to pay per month per customer, and have them always keep it up to date and automatically give us new features etc.
Adding to that, it sounds like the software might be available to purchase outright and then you buy licenses per user, or just access the program through their servers. Remember nothing is set in stone, but it sounded like the software would be almost free to use if your gear was from this manufacturer, and every time you bought a cpe
you'd get a license.

I don't know much about radius but it is suppose to work nice with it.

Now is the time, throw out your crazy ideas everyone.......


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I am working with a vendor manufacturer who is half way through a 90 day project to develop some software for WISPs. This program will include things like billing, authentication, monitoring, install tracking, service call tracking, ect.....

They are also thinking about integrating site survey into it. They might be able to put together ground cover data if the interest is there. The goal is to have it all set up so any idiot (call center, $6 an hour phone girl, ect) can use it for service calls, site surveys, billing.......

Anyways, they are looking for input on features. If you could have a "do it all" program, what would you want it to do?

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