I think it is worth every penny to go at least once a year if you  
count the business ideas and interchange you get when meeting some of  
your fellow owners, even aside from the value of the educational  
sessions. There's stuff that gets discussed that just doesn't come up  
in email, or doesn't come up in the same way in email. It's made more  
than a $700 difference for me in my business. It's also amazing how  
nice a lot of these folks are when you get to meet them in person.

I think you can just do the show floor (which is free or close to  
free iirc), but you're likely to miss a lot not being in sessions  
with most everyone else since many conversations are sparked by the  
topics at hand or between sessions. But going and missing he sessions  
is better than not going at all IMHO.


On Mar 6, 2008, at 10:16 PM, Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

> Holy crap!  I just went to  to check out how much it  
> costs.  It's $700.  Does that even come close to being worth it?   
> Who is going?
> Brian
> Mike Hammett wrote:
>> I've only registered for the exhibit floor, but I'll be there for  
>> whatever's free! haha, maybe I'll have money later this year to  
>> start getting memberships. There will be two of us. ----------  
>> Mike Hammett Intelligent Computing Solutions  
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>> 2008 6:47 PM Subject: [WISPA] ISPCON
>>> Everyone, HYPERLINK ""ISPCON is rapidly  
>>> approaching even though winter seems to keep coming. WISPA is  
>>> planning a “WISPA Powered” track with a full slate of speakers at  
>>> this event. This is one of two Wireless tracks at ISPCON. WISPA  
>>> will also be holding our WISPA Reception on May 13th at 6:30 pm.  
>>> This event will be sponsored by HYPERLINK "http:// 
>>>"Imagestream and HYPERLINK "http:// 
>>>"Powercode. We are also planning a WISPA “Jam  
>>> Session” this year and will invite attendees who are musically  
>>> talented to bring their instruments and play to everyone’s  
>>> enjoyment. This event will be sponsored by HYPERLINK "http:// 
>>>"Mikrotik. Being in Chicago this spring, we  
>>> expect a very good turnout of vendors and operators. We are  
>>> planning accordingly as last fall’s reception had an overflow of  
>>> attendance into the hallway. We are asking for a larger room this  
>>> time to accommodate a larger expected crowd given the more  
>>> centrally located venue of Chicago. I will be accepting WISPA  
>>> Shirt orders again this year. I plan on making the order on April  
>>> 20th and need to have all orders in by April 15th. Please send me  
>>> your shirt size, color and number of shirts by this date. These  
>>> will be a nice button down dual blend shirt with the WISPA logo  
>>> embroidered. I have considered adding ISPCON Chicago 2008 below  
>>> the logo if enough people desire it, so let me know. Assuming  
>>> there have been no price increases, I anticipate the cost of the  
>>> shirts will be $42 picked up at the show or $47 if shipped to  
>>> your location. We will hold a raffle again this year and I have  
>>> asked vendors to consider donating door prizes for this event at  
>>> our reception. We hope many of you will consider attending this  
>>> spring as we feel you will definitely get your money’s worth. I  
>>> would like to get an idea of how many WISPA readers and members  
>>> will be in attendance, so please RSVP ASAP so that we can begin  
>>> to get an idea on the head count planning on attending. Please  
>>> let me know how many people from your company will be there. Last  
>>> fall, many vendors donated some very nice door prizes including  
>>> HYPERLINK ""Alvarion with a Full B100  
>>> link listing at $7990. Many thanks to all the vendors who  
>>> participated last fall and to Patrick Leary and Alvarion for  
>>> their very nice doorprize. Respectfully, Rick Harnish Vice  
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