Your analysis looks good. I'm still reading through the rules and I WILL 
be commenting just as soon as I get through it all. :)

I don't think Fresnel is going to be too much of a problem. Which page 
did you pick up that antenna height requirement from?


Butch Evans wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Jack Unger wrote:
>> Sorry Mike. I try to limit my time to responding only to serious, 
>> thoughtful comments. I don't normally respond to smart-a** comments 
>> because I just don't have any time to waste on them.
> Ouch!  :-)
> Has anyone done an RF propagation study in your area for the TVWS? 
> I just did a quick check in RM for my area.  I used the following 
> parameters:
> 10 Meter antenna height (both ends)
> 4W EIRP (1+3) Omni
> Channel 51 (should be the "worst case" propagation)
> Using the polar coverage, I am seeing over 16 MILES at -104 RX 
> sensitivity.  About 11 miles is -90.  At about 8 miles is the -80s 
> and 4 miles is -60s.
> I will be trying this with a 10 meter antenna talking to a 100mW 
> device next (for indoor installs) just to see what happens.
> The WORST problem I see with this is Fresnel.  It is NUTS!  Maybe 
> Fresnel problems are not as big an issue with this low of a 
> frequency, but if it is, I can't see using more than a 3-4 mile cell 
> as the antenna heights would be crazy.
> Jack, care to comment on the characteristics to be concerned about 
> in this band?  IS fresnel gonna be a problem?  What about antenna 
> heights due to the 10 meter requirement (WHAT were they smoking?).

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