There is a local auto parts store in town here that has a sign on the front
door that states "We are NOT participating in this recession." I thought
about how it would apply to a WISP and it shows the customer that our
business is here for the long haul and not going anywhere which in turn is
going to draw more customers. For example our local telco here is changing
their name for the 3rd time in the past 3 years. Doesn't really make people
wanna go jump on their services...

I've noticed lately that people are more drawn by your level of customer
service on the phone and service calls that you make than they are about
your prices. Sometimes I'll go out on a service call that I know I could
walk them through over the phone but it really says something to them about
your service when you show up at the door in person.

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If I was in the business of selling something frivilous, I would be 

This is internet access. People need Internet Access just like they need 
electricity. You could live with out it but who would want to.
Unless you have hit the top of your saturation, then it's doubtful 
you'll be losing subscribers. And if you offer a competitively priced 
product, you should, because of the recession, find a lot of new 
customers looking to change to a lower priced service when their low 
priced introductory deals run out.

Especially if you have a Voip / Intenet Access bundle to offer.

So borrow away, it's not going to hurt you.

As for us, we don't really borrow, or want to carry much debt. We buy 
our equipment out of cash flow and are happy to be clear by the third 
month. Only downside is I don't get the qty discount that Travis pointed 
out with his large purchases.

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