Depends... are you deploying WiMAX for fixed operation or for mobile
operation with self install kits, etc.

If Fixed... then yes I think it has a future.  Professional installs, and
better QoS in typically virgin spectrum ='s opportunity.

If not... then I don't think a WISP (as we probably define it) is ever
really going to be profitable with it. Self-installs on wireless gear have
problems in their own right (look at all of the Clearwire horror stories,
and they get to use the EBS spectrum) and mobility is doomed because they
will probably only be mobile within your footprint, which for most WISP's
isn't that big (why pay xxx amount to only be able to roam in city x when I
could pay xxx for LTE/3G and roam across the country).

802.16e in its pure form IMHO is only going to work for carriers like Open
Range and Clearwire utilizing 2.5GHz licensed spectrum.  

But what about Motorola's new product?  Remember it's a "fixed" 802.16e, so
you don't get the benefits of mobility, no indoor CPE's are planned as far
as I know, but it is supposed to pay off in NLOS situations (which is
anecdotal until we can get gear on a tower and test).

Daniel White
3-dB Networks

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> I'd say the question boils down to who's going to foot the bill for the
deployment -- you or the government =)

With or without government stimulus I'm curious of the lists' general
consensus on whether or not WiMAX is worthwhile investment in this 'war' of
LTE vs WiMAX. Having Uncle Sam foot the bill on a deployment definitely
lowers / removes the financial barrier, but doesn't really matter if
deploying WiMAX is a foolish endeavor from the get-go due to lack of
customer demand or vendors ceasing development.

I believe WiMAX has an opportunity to be commercially viable at least for a
couple of years, and I don't see any reason to not take advantage of that
fact. But, what do I know.

Consider this a question solely for the sake of debate.

Blake Covarrubias

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