Brett, I'm impressed with your knowledge of Mikrotik programming so I 
wanted to ask you this.  Last week and further back about four times a 
week we had a cascading crash of our bridged network whereas the LAN 
side of the Mikrotik Backhauls would crash presumably from traffic.  
Wireshark showed some anomalies such as IPv6 traffic, some ICMP sneaking 
through the filters, a random STP Cisco and some TCP flooding but really 
nothing that should take down so many radios, a simple reboot fixed the 
problem and it didn't happen again for a day to several days later.

Friday we changed out three Mikrotik backhauls and AP's with Ubiquity 
gear and upgraded our Bandwidth manager enhancing its rules as well.  
Today we're having the same attack as before but now it's not taking 
down the system, Our bandwidth monitor is pegged on incoming traffic and 
outgoing traffic at 176% of normal (we normally peak at 99% download 30% 
up) but no radio's are going down, our system latency at the affected 
tower is 300ms and we're getting intermittent down alarms.  Its great 
because we have the first chance to go customer by customer trying to 
find the source but I guess I'm asking if you have any ideas how to find 
or filter this problem?  We think the source is comin


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