Jokes aside:
  That sounds too "gray area" for my liking personally. While it's all 
"technically" legal but still pushes some ethical issues with potential 
collection of MAC addresses from unwitting parties.
 Not that Lowe's and Target have any trouble with similar techniques.
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Maybe he owns a donut store?

Jan V
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"FBI Surveilance [sic] Van 7"?


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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking to this group to feel out the feasibility of an idea.
I'm working with a project that is looking at doing a sort of "analytics".  One 
of the possible things this would involve would
be paying WISPs to collect data on a particular SSID (this SSID would be 
controlled by the project I'm working with, so this isn't going into
any gray privacy grounds).  The group would want to get the content of the 
beacons seen with this particular SSID(s).  It could either be done through
vendor equipment that would support it, or it could be done via a passive probe 
colocated with the WISP's gear.
I thought I would float this idea out to the group to see how it is received.
Thanks in advance,
Chris Stradtman
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